Machine Embroidery Club **NEW!!!!**

Sign up for either the Semester Fridays or the Semester Saturdays - or if you want, sign up for both!  The cost is $50.00 for the Friday Semester, and $50.00 for the Saturday Semester.  If you have a conflict and there is an opening, you can switch days. 

A note from Phyllis:

A machine embroidery club or group has been frequently requested at Sew Many Quilts & Bernina.  We are happy to announce that it's happening and will be called the M.E. Club, short for Machine Embroidery Club.  The focus will be on embroidery projects that can be stitched and completed in two or three hours rather than days.  You can expect to go home with a finished project each session.  Emphasis will be on projects that you can use or that can be replicated and given as gifts for family, friends, quilting or sewing buddies, etc.

The M.E. Club will be divided into semesters with three sessions in each semester at approximately 6-week intervals.  The morning will be devoted to a "project" and the afternoon will focus on a technique to help you further expand your embroidery skills.  It may or may not relate to the morning's project.  The sessions will be facilitated by Phyllis VanEtten.  You must have taken the two-day Beginning Machine Embroidery class at Sew Many Quilts or have the equivalent experience.

Each session will be held on a Friday and repeated on Saturday.  When you sign up you will choose which day of the week yo prefer.  Both sessions will be the same.  There can be a maximum of 8 participants each day which makes a total of 16 in the club.  This is so that each person will have a table to themselves for their machine and supplies.  The cost is $50.00 per semester.  If you are unable to attend a session you may ask if there is an opening on the other day, but there will not be any make-up classes.  The dates for the first semester are February 28 or 29, April 17 or 18, and May 29 or 30.  The tentative dates for the second semester are July 24 or 25, September 2 or 3, and November 13 or 14.

I have a number of fun projects in mind.  For some you will need to purchase a pattern and for others you will just need to select an embroidery design you already have.  A materials list will be given out at the session before or emailed to you.  

Spaces will fill quickly.  I encourage you to take this opportunity to continue to improve tour machine embroidery skills, enjoy the company of other embroiderers, and create new projects for yourself and gift giving.  Stop by Sew Many Quilts to sign up, or use the option here to sign up online.

Thank you!
Cost: $ 50.00
Please bring your own lunch.