Sewing Machine Rental for Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

Sew Many Quilts will be providing Bernina sewing machines for those of you wanting to rent a machine for your Quilters Affair class(es).  This is our second year to provide machines, and the rental program will be very similar to last year's arrangement.  

After you have confirmation of the classes you will take, please send the following information to us in an email, addressed to:

In order to reserve a Bernina for you, we need the following information:

1.  Your full name and e-mail address, if different than the one you are using to send us your  information.

2.  A telephone number, preferably a cell number, where we can reach you during your stay here in central Oregon.

3.  A list of your classes, including the class number, the class name, and the instructor's name. 

4.  The brand of machine you use at home - if it is a Bernina, please tell us the model number.

5.  Any requests you may have for special feet or machine features.  Note that we intend to provide a Patchwork Foot (1/4" foot) 
with each machine.  If you are signed up for a class with special machine requirements (for example, a machine quilting class), we will work to provide what you need.  If you don't know what you need - please don't worry!  We work with SOQS instructors to provide special feet/machines that are needed for the class(es) you are taking.  Last year there was no extra charge for the additional feet/equipment needed for a specific class. 

Once we have your request for a machine, we will add you to our Reservation List.  No deposit is required at the time you reserve your machine.  However, if your plans change and you will not be attending the Quilters Affair, please let us know so we can cancel your reservation. 

Later this spring we will send you an e-mail, requesting full payment for your reservation. 

At this time, we do not yet know the daily rental fee.  (Last year the fee was $35.00/day, and based on our increased costs, we expect a slight increase in this charge.) Our booth will be set up at Sisters High School, and the machines will be available in the morning as you check in for class.  Machines will be returned after your class is over.  Last year we had runners to transport the machines for you.   Information will be forthcoming on the cancelation guidelines, should you have to cancel after you have paid your rental fee. 

During the week of Quilters Affair classes, we will have several Bernina staff members as well as a service technician at the high school each day to answer your questions about the machines, and provide mechanical help should you need it. 

We do not currently have a program set up where you can rent the machine for 24 hours, or remove the machine from Sisters High School.  This is still under discussion.

Please bear with us as we work to fine tune our rental program specific to your needs!  We look forward to meeting you!